Sheng Tai International has been proudly presenting the City of Hope Expo 2023 from 5th October to 19th November at The Sail Melaka. This event has featured nine exhibition Domes showcasing innovations in various sectors. The 9 domes namely ‘The Sail Experiential Centre’ , ‘Wellness Hub’ , ‘Fashion Capital’ , ‘Smart Citites (TENCENT CLOUD)’ , ‘Art & Culture Kingdom’ , ‘So easy Land (STI’s SuperApp)’ , ‘Family Castle (LSL – STI’s hospitality & One Balcony – Publisher & Media)’ , ‘Japan Digital Matsuri Play’ and ‘Automobile Empire (BWM)’.

At the Fashion Capital Dome , visitors have been able to glimpse the lastest creations by Straits Designers Gallery (SDG), an in-house fashion and style platform set up by Sheng Tai International to nurture and promote local talent in the fashion industry. SDG has been highlighting its newest fashion venture , La Voile, during its exclusive fashion launch at the dome was officiated by the Director General of Tourism Board Malaysia, which took Place on the 7th October, 2023 . There have also been SDG labels and merchandise for sale.

Tencent Cloud has been hosting The Smart City Dome, demonstrating how big data and AI technologies can enable innovations like reducing traffic congestion , lower crime rates, effcient networks , and buildings that automatically adapt to human behavior and needs. Concepts like Smart Cities that seamlessly integrating the entire ecosystem and making every corner an effective & effcient living for all wellbeing.

“The Gamers Territory” is designed for gamers with games suited for all ages and generations. Visitors can transform themselves into their anime characters and enjoy innovative and interactive games. Anime models in costumes will enhance the immersive gaming experience.

The Wellness Hub Dome showcases modern medical technologies like body composition analysis, blood testing, detox infusions, stem cell therapies, and supplements . Visitors can speak with doctors and nutrionists to learn about reverse aging solutions.

Visitors have been able to immerse themselves in Japan’s picturesque four seasons and heritage sites at the Art & Culture Dome. This immersive digital experience has also been previewing the upcoming Immersive Art Gallery at Encore Melaka , set to open in December 2023.

The Family Experience Dome , LSL and One Balcony offer one-stop packages for newlyweds and families while promoting nature appreciation and bonding activities . LSL Hotel group will also feature its hospitality services : Ames Hotel, Courtyard Melaka by Marriot, and the opulent Azul V Super Yacht . These accommodations are available for stay as of now.

The Automotive Dome showcased concept cars and innovations by BWM and Mini Cooper, which provided a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry.

Visitors have gotten to learn about Sooeazi, an all-in-one solutions app developed by Sheng Tai to simplify lives in Malacca where convenience meets innovation in a seamless experience. They have been able to dive into infinite possibilities powered by Sooeazi SuperApp and enjoy a revolutionized lifestyle integrated by AR & AI. Sooeazi has been showcasing how it provides an all-in-one convenience app for Malaccans.